Remember when...

Facebook has become the new fad for many and in some respects, I've been happy to reconnect with old friends and meet new ones. Occasionally, I've had to ignore friend requests. Sometimes the postings are quite interesting and bring back old childhood memories. A Liberian facebook friend recently sent a request asking friends to come up with Liberian sayings and expressions. Well, needless to say the list was quite long and brought back so many memories of growing up on Crownhilll and Snapper Hill in Monrovia, Liberia.   Expressions ranged from feecee, gronah boy (going around boy), 'yanna' slippers, wata police, pim pam polo, okray, sabou, old man beggah, bluffah joe, swee' muddah, kpormeni, etc. Now , I must add a disclaimer here, not being a linguist: The spellings may not be phonetically correct.



For many who may read this posting, the sayings will be irrelevant, so this is a nod to my Liberian padhiis ( a nod to Liberian Seabreeze Journal). A Liberian website ( managed by a Liberian historian, Patrick Burrowes is cataloguing these sayings with definitions. Check it out!

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