Life has a way of getting in the way. I said this to a friend several days ago when we spoke about how fast the Summer had gone and our missed opportunities to get together. We both laughed, knowing the excuse was just that. An excuse.


Lately, I've thought about procrastination; how masterfully it inserts itself into deadlines, projects, planning and simply living. How often do we talk about doing something then get discouraged, feel overwhelmed or limited by finances? How often do we put off something that we know may bring us true joy? Is it fear or unfamiliarity with the unknown? Or are they one and the same?


I must admit to sometimes donning the crown in the procrastination pageant. I plan, talk about the plan, map it out, even set deadlines and then see those plans remain on paper. I feel the urgency but find a way to dismiss those feelings with my old excuse, "Life sometimes gets in the way". Truly, is it tongue in cheek  or rhetoric? Isn't  procrastination part of life? A part that we often try to excuse away? On the other hand, procrastination can sometimes be a blessing in disguise. Sometimes we are so obstinate with our plans, putting on blinders to the potential dangers or closing our eyes to the 
"hands waving in the air and mouths saying, Nooo", that we miss the warning signs. Isn't it interesting how we are insistent on plans that may have a negative outcome, but feel overwhelmed by plans that challenge us in positive directions?


How often does  procrastination detour us from achieving positive goals? Okay, so I have been working on a novel for more than 1 year. I have 7-8 pages written and have discussed the desire to complete the novel with several people, yet haven't made much progress. The novel requires a lot of research, since it will be categorized as historical fiction. Deep down inside, I know the book, when completed will be successful. I can feel it.  Perhaps I need to repeat NIKE's slogan, 'JUST DO IT". This should be emblazoned on my mind and should dictate my attititude. I'm working on it and will keep you posted, as I progress with the novel. Until the next entry....

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