"feelings, nothing more than feelings..."

Feelings, feelings nothing more than feelings... isn't that Barry Manilow?

Life rushes by and sometime there is very little alone or me time. Sometimes we may not want to be alone, thinking ourselves idle. But I've come to realize how important alone time really is and how difficult it can be to achieve /carve out time for "me". What I do know is whenever I do set aside time for just quiet reflecting, meditating or praying, I feel so renewed and often receive answers.

A friend and I were recently discussing life's encounters: The adage that someone comes into your life for a reason, season or lifetime. Whether the purpose is to teach, learn, or even for a fleeting moment, we must learn to acknowledge that encounter. Acknowledgement, of course, comes in many different forms. But isn't it interesting how you can meet someone and just "feel" that the connection is special; that they will have an impact on your life? And then as time passes it becomes obvious. Sometimes the impact is immediate and can be disruptive. But then down the line, you realize how that experience added to your growth. 
As I've gotten older, I've gotten more cognizant of meetings/introductions; perhaps paid more attention to encounters. I am learning to "feel" others, feel their energy and see the moment as an addition/enhancement to my learning to live and about life. I do realize that sometimes a chance encounter can be disturbing and perhaps it's meant to shake us up a bit. Jostle us. Make us feel more alive, more involved, more expressive. 

I have to remind myself to forgo analyzing everything, all the time. Sometimes quieting the analytical mind and just living life is what works best. Receiving life is not always easy. And yes,  I'm still learning...

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