Physician, heal thyself?

Cough, cough...nasal eye...fatigue...etc...

A colleague heard me sniffling, blowing my nose and queried about my health. "So, doc, what are you doing for that cold?" "What cold? Oh, yeah, that. Well, ....."

I had been fighting this cold. Trying to get rid of it. Doing some homeopathic and over the counter remedies, but omitting the most obvious-- rest and drinking enough fluids. 

"Why don't you try a neti pot?" she suggested. Hmm, a neti pot. Funny, I'd recommended this remedy to many patients/parents and friends and had yet to use one myself. I knew of the amazing difference it makes with nasal congestion and clearing nasal passages. There are many stories from healers and others about the wonders of this seemingly simple device. 

"You know I'd never thought about that, even though I often discuss it with others", I answered. 

But here is the interesting thing. How often do we, medical professionals, put patients first and our own interests last? How often do we neglect ourselves? Okay, okay,  was I subscribing to the adage, "Do as I say, not as I do"? I had to really think about that. How can you expect patients to listen to your advice if you are non-compliant?

So I've decided to buy a neti pot and actually use it. I am hoping for the best. My colleague's question and advice  weren't "filed under 'G'." Yes, I'm a quick learner and a doctor open to suggestions.

Cold, be gone!

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