Lately, I've been thinking about infant massage and the benefits it provides. I've had the opportunity to explore and address  infant massage with parents. Most are receptive and several already practice it as part of their daily routines with babies. One mother even mentioned weekly yoga classes with her baby. A colleague was talking about infant massage as a routine modality in Ayurvedic practices in India. Several parents from France were surprised when I mentioned infant massage and noted that their babies just love massage.

A good friend, Laura Lacey, provides infant massage classes/sessions for parents and their infants. She offers a reasonably-priced  instructional dvd on infant massage. Infant massage is great for the infant's well-being and aids with tone, tummy issues, colic and other common issues. It is healthful and beneficial! Of course, technique and applying pressure correctly are important. Infants are fragile too and applying pressure forcefully or over certain organs can be harmful.  I encourage parents who are interested in infant massage to explore options with a licensed or experienced therapist or someone who has lots of experience. Imagine how wonderful adults feel after a good massage, then think how a baby would feel.

Infant massage...What a treat! Your infant will thank you with coos, babbles and smiles. Check out local listings. Check out Laura Lacey,, and Tracy Piper,

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