It's true, isnt it? It's a good feeling when someone appreciates your efforts.   As much as we may try to remain modest, it feels good when someone says, "thanks", "thank you" especially when it's heartfelt. It's wonderful when you're fortunate to receive the "show of appreciation". So, dear family and friends, thanks for supporting my work,  for the encouraging phone calls and notes, for purchasing books and handmade cards, for encouraging me in this journey as a writer and poet. The journey continues.


Wow, I can't believe I completed my first children's book, Dromedary and Camelot. It has been a labor of love. Dromedary and Camelot  is available for purchase now on this website! Buy a copy or more!


**And feel free  to explore the website,, to read the poetry and blog entries,  to purchase books, cards, etc.  


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    masnoh wilson (Sunday, 10 June 2012 22:27)

    Congrats my dear. All the best as you and I continue to pursue our passion... How much does the book cost?