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I started swimming lessons or perhaps I should say "resumed swimming lessons". It's a work in progress and my confidence builds with each trip to the pool. Water, appeals to me. I enjoy watching  and have even pictured myself participating in aquatic sports. So, I decided to  take swimming lessons. Although I grew up in a country right on the equator, Liberia, my swmming prowess was zilch. I have been taking group  lessons with an amazing swim teacher. Unfortunately, the lessons ended, but I've carved out time to practice on my own. Goggled, dressed with flppers in hand, I've enjoyed swimming,  even  doing laps in the deep end. Whew! My last run was exciting and relaxing. Few swimmers were in the pool, so I had a lane all to myself. Back float is my favorite for now. I 'm working on free-style but still need to master coordinating  the breaths and turns


A few days ago, I went for a swim. I still benefit from the floating board when in the deep end. So after my 3rd lap to the deep end, I took a break. A family of 5 had just entered in search of a swimming lane. The 3-4  year old, walked toward me as I  was doing my routine bobs under water. Her tiny voice called out, " I can swim. Do you want me to teach you? I have to put my swim cap on." Her mother dressed the little one in goggles and swim cap. Fearlessly, the child jumped into the pool. "That's ok, I responded. Thank you. I bet you're a real good swimmer". She smiled but really seemed sincere with her request to teach me how to swim. I smiled, knowing that we ( adutls)  are never too old to learn. Kids can be teachers too. Here was a child who genuinely wanted to teach me to swim. And then I remembered another child, months ago, who when asked about her trick for free-style, reponded, "It's easy. Just pretend you're lying on a pillow when you turn your head and breathe".




I love the genuineness of children: their desire to help,  their curiosity and adventurous spirits. It's never too late to learn and indeed children can be teachers too.


The swimming and lessons continue...

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    Bryan (Sunday, 15 June 2014 05:35)

    Inspiring commentary.